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Help italian SMBs to compete in a fast-changing world.

With PrestaCap you can get liquidity for your business in one click.
With PrestaCap you do not have to sell all the invoices issued to your customers.
Operator recognized by Consob, authorized to operate throughout Europe and with the highest standards of safety.

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“Il mercato italiano dei prestiti online alle imprese fatica a spiccare il volo...“
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“Quello che bisogna avere ben chiaro è che chi è stato rifiutato dal sistema bancario non trova...“
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“Qualche minuto davanti al computer, un paio di giorni d’attesa. E poi i soldi sul prop...“
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“Secondo il report trimestrale di P2P Lending Italia, l’erogato complessivo trimestrale delle...“


"PrestaCap gave the economical oxygen we needed so we could focus on the work."

Laura, Verona, 32 years old

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