FAQs - Enterprise

Peer to Peer lending is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). PrestaCap is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with license no. 664197.

If PrestaCap goes out of business, all the outstanding loans will be managed by a third party. PrestaCap will not issue any additional loan, but each borrower will continue to execute the periodical repayments as normal.

You can contact our customer support by telephone or via email at support@prestacap.com.

The PrestaCap platform facilities loans to small and medium sized companies and allows investors to invest in such loan.

Enterprises that meet the criteria set by PrestaCap. All the criteria are available on the registration page.

You can modify your application up until the point it is submitted. Once you have submitted your loan application, you will need to contact our customer support team to inquire about the possibility of making a change: support@prestacap.com.

If all the required documents are provided, PrestaCap will usually provide a loan offer within 3 business days. Once the loan offer has been accepted, the loan will be paid out immediately.

It employs a series of inputs commonly used by banks and other providers of credit to get an indication of the level of credit risk (or likely capital loss) associated with lending to a given company.

Fee Structure
Success Fee1.00% to 4.00%
Early Repayment Fee free

You can close your account by simply contacting support@prestacap.com.

There are different types of loans that an enterprise can obtain. Loans can differ in the type of amortization they are subject to:

Asset PurchaseGrowth CapitalRefinancingWorking Capital
You need to buy an asset such as a new piece of machineryYou want to grow your business and require funds upfront for expenses such as the hiring of new employees or cover marketingYou need a loan in order to refinance an existing credit facilityYou have a short term funding requirement to cover expenses such as the building of inventories

PrestaCap will usually send you a loan offer within 3 business days. This assumes all required documents have been provided and are correct.

In order to accept your loan you need to log in your online account where you have access to the loan offer.

The loan offer will expire 2-weeks after it was provided to you.

PrestaCap will transfer the loan proceeds directly to the bank account that you provided during sign up. The applicable fees will be withheld by PrestaCap.

PrestaCap does not charge any additional upfront fees. In case an enterprise fails to make a repayment on-time then certain late fees will apply. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

The interest rate that will be charged depends on the risk level of your business. For more information please refer to the Internal Risk Band section.

You can find an overview of all the information requirements on the registration page.

PrestaCap does not share your personal information unless we are required to do so by the laws or regulations in your local jurisdiction.

As a regulated entity PrestaCap is obliged to check your identity. In order to do so, PrestaCap will request a copy of your personal identification document and may require a proof of your address.

No, PrestaCap does not insure any business loan.

The repayments for a loan are calculated based on the loan term. All repayments depend on the type of amortization, interest rate, number of repayments and the outstanding balance of the loan.

The repayment dates depend on the loan term and when the loan has been issued.

In some cases this is possible. Please contact our customer support for more information at support@prestacap.com.

Yes an early repayment is possible and has to be communicated to PrestaCap at least 1-month in advance. No additional fee will be charged on the outstanding balance.

If you want to change the dates of the loan repayment please contact our customer support team support@prestacap.com.

If a loan repayment is late, a “late fee” will be charged on the respective late repayment for every day it is late.

In case you cannot repay your Loan, PrestaCap will attempt to work with you to find a solution. In case this is not possible, PrestaCap will use third party debt collectors to collect the outstanding balance of the loan, and in certain cases we may take legal action.

In case you know that you are going to miss a payment, then you need to notify us as soon as possible.