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How PrestaCap works

Day 1

Day 1

Preliminary analysis of a financing plan. For free and without commitment. We charge you only once you get funded

Day 2

Day 2

We carefully assess your business documents

Day 3

Day 3

From data evaluation and verification to preparation of a binding loan offer

Required documentation

ID card

We need a copy of the owner's ID card

Annual reports

We need the annual reports for the last 2 years

Bank accounts

We need the statements for all the bank accounts your client has, for the last 6 months

Financial statement

We need the financial statements and the company's turnover (not older than the last 3 months)

Why you should choose to partner with PrestaCap

Your clients

Your clients

With PrestaCap you can offer your clients a discount and a quick service

Your business

Your business

Be innovative and start to offer an alternative service such as PrestaCap to your clients

Why partner with PrestaCap


Your client wants to purchase new assets, hire new employees or to expand he business


Your client is looking for liquidity to purchase new assets or goods, or to finance orders


Your client is looking to refinance their existing facilities